These are just a few of our existing designs to give you, the buyer, an idea of the type of work we do. Because of the uniqueness of the gemstones used, some of these pieces are "One-of-a-Kind."

A similar piece can be made. However, because of the unique or unusual properties of the gemstone used, it too would also be unique! This Page will get added to, from time to time, so come back often to see what’s new….

THE LEGAL STUFF: Please note that all of the pictures and designs on these pages are the sole property of Agha Designs. All designs are copyright, and infringement of these rights is punishable by law.

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Diamond Engagement Ring: This ring was designed for a Nurse who needed something that would not scratch or catch on latex gloves. The diamond is a family heirloom, and is bezel set in a classical yellow gold Comfort Fit band with a yellow gold head. The wedding rings for both him and her are also classical Comfort Fit yellow gold bands. When one of the Bride’s colleagues, who is also a nurse, saw her engagement ring, her comment: “I have to have that ring!” The Bride’s comment: “You can’t have this one, but the Eddie & Lynne can design you one just like it!”


Ruby and Amethyst Engagement Ring: The groom-to-be wanted something other than the traditional “Diamond Engagement Ring” and also wanted something that symbolized both of them and their life together. The style picked is called a “you and me” ring with each person represented by a unique stone. The 1.2 carat amethyst symbolizes him, and the 1.55 carat Burmese Ruby symbolizes her. The two stones in their respective “arms” are interlocked and literally “embracing” just as the two people are, from this day forth. The 18K yellow gold ring is fitted to the bride’s finger with a flare in the back to add balance and help prevent the ring from rotating on her finger.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire and Diamond ring: This customer from Houston wanted something simple and elegant as an Anniversary gift for his bride of many years. We emailed him several concepts and he picked this one: an elegant bypass design with channel set tapered baguette diamonds and the central stone, a cornflower blue Montana sapphire, bezel set in a white gold head. She loves it!


Peridot & Champagne Diamond Wedding Set: This lady has been our customer for a very long time, and we have done several pieces for her. This ring was her original wedding set that had a peridot as the central stone. The prongs on the peridot were quite worn, and she wanted to add some accents that would make her original set different and unique. We showed her numerous gemstones from our vast collection and she fell in love with the marquise champagne diamonds. For this design we pioneered what we call “Floating Bezels.” The diamonds are mounted in hand fabricated platinum bezels that are laser welded onto the ring at a sweeping angle. Another delighted customer who has “dancing diamonds” now!

Martini Glass in Gold with a Diamond Swizzle Stick, Emerald “Olive” and a Ruby “Pimento:” This long time customer wanted something unique for a friend who worked at a Martini Bar. We came up with this unusual design. The stylized Martini glass is totally hand fabricated with 14K white gold with a yellow gold swizzle stick accented by with 2 bezel set diamonds stuck through a hand cut emerald “olive” that is stuffed with a faceted ruby “pimento.” As it turned out our customer was out of town and asked if we could deliver the pendant to her on her birthday at her bar. She was absolutely delighted and made us a couple of Chocolate Martinis “on the house” – but that’s another story…


“Spirit of Jade” – Sterling Silver, 24K Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Green Jadeite, & Purple Jade: A long term colleague of ours who owns a Purple Jade mine in Turkey and specializes in all varieties of jadeite wanted us to design a piece that would exemplify the very essence of Jade. “Spirit” was born. This piece stands around 12 centimeters (5 inches) tall and is the largest piece we have ever created. She was created on our CAD/CAM system and cast at our studio using the lost wax process. She was “shown” at he JCK show in Vegas this year (2008). Winner of the 2009 Passion Award.


Wedding Band with Bezel Set Central Diamond & Gypsy-Set Accent Stones: One of our customers had literally “worn out” the gold mounting of her original wedding set. The prongs were breaking, the little diamonds were falling out, and the rings snagged everything. She wanted a complete “renovation.” We picked a heavy gold band, added a bezel for the main stone and Gypsy-set the accent diamonds in to the band itself. It was still her original wedding diamonds, but made over to a more secure, heavier style that did not snag or scratch.

Wedding Band with Bezel Set Central Diamond & Accent Stones: The customer wanted to use diamonds that had been in her family for years. In this ring, the accent stones were too large for a Gypsy-Set technique so individual bezels were inserted for all the diamonds. Again, it became a more secure, smoother style to which we added a hammered finish to add character and sparkle.


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Flip-Flops: Our customer wanted to surprise his fiancé with a pendant for Christmas. She is a free spirit who loves to run about in flip-flops, and their favorite song - you guessed it – is Paul Simon’s “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”




Natural Cinnamon Red Topaz & Emerald Ring: This was a lucky sale. One of our regular customers brought her mother along with her to our studio. While they were there her Mom fell in love with this red topaz, which is her traditional birthstone (yes it is a natural cinnamon red topaz). Our customer said nothing at the time but called us back later to ask us to set the cinnamon red topaz in to a ring for her mother and to add emerald accents. This way, her mother had her own birthstone ring with her husband’s stones as an accent. We found a mounting that would work perfectly with this stone. We drilled out seats for the emeralds, which were “diamond cut” for brilliance and set them in to the ring. We call this type of piece a “Semi-Custom” design since the mounting is available from one of our suppliers and not created from scratch by us. We did modify it by adding the accent stones, which were not part of the original mounting. This option saves the customer some money but still yields a very unique and personalized piece.


Franciscan Coat of Arms, Hammered Silver Ring: A Franciscan Brother came to us via an existing customer. An old Master Silversmith used to make these rings for them, but he had died and left no one to make rings for the Franciscans. The Franciscan Brother asked if we could create an original design to continue the tradition for the Order. We were delighted to be asked. We designed a stylized Coat of Arms; hand fabricated the ring in silver, and Laser Engraved our design onto the hammered finish. Needless to say we have sold numerous rings not only to the Order but also to supporters of the Order.


14K Yellow Gold Baby Ring: Our Customer was about to have a Grand Daughter and wanted a baby ring to give her (and her mother, of course). We designed this little jewel – a size “zero” (American size) ring that embodied their family, their faith, and their wishes and love for their grand daughter. This tiny piece boasts a twelve-pointed star (twelve months, twelve apostles) representing their wishes for the child, interlocked twin circles signifying their marriage with the cross in the center, representing their faith, and the heart, their love for the child and for each other. Three symbols with each of them repeated three times – representing the Holy Trinity, past, present and future, and the stages of life. This design could also be modified to become an adult wedding ring….

Tahitian Pearl and Pink Diamond “Convertible” Pendant and chain: This was a surprise gift for a (double) special occasion. The design requirement was for something that was for a special occasion – worn on the diamond accented hand made bail on an 20 inch double wheat chain, but also could be worn as a simple pearl with casual clothing on a 14KYG cable – hence the “Convertible” Pendant. This beautiful piece showcases a 13.5mm Black Tahitian Pearl with natural pink highlights. Highlighting and enhancing this color is a pink diamond bezel set in Platinum, and a splendid quarter carat tapered baguette diamond set in white gold. A variety of precious metals were used to fabricate this piece: 14K, 18K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and platinum. The pendant is hinged, and comes apart so that the pearl, which is “embraced in 18KYG “roundelles,” can be worn on a 14KYG cable necklace. Our customer advises that the piece was a giant hit on their anniversary trip.

Yogo Sapphire and Diamond Ring: Yogo Sapphires are some of the most beautiful “Cornflower Blue” Sapphires in the world! And yes we have a number of them in our collection. This sapphire is only mined in one place in the whole world – at the Yogo Gulch mine in Montana. For reference, the more common “Montana Sapphires” which although beautiful, are nowhere near as rare as the Yogos – and yes, we have many of those too!. This ring was designed for a special customer and is set in Platinum with the nearly three quarter carat Yogo set at 90 degrees to the traditional orientation to further enhance the “flow” of the lines of this beautiful Piece.

Assistant Fire Chief Pendant: The Assistant Fire Chief in our city wanted to give his wife something special. He asked if we could design a miniature version of his badge (his wife is rightfully proud of what he does to help our community). We converted a digitized a picture of his badge to black and white tones, chemical etched magnesium in two sections to create a master about an inch high, made a rubber mold, and cast the piece you see. The “badge” is cast in 14K yellow gold, and was presented as a surprise to a very delighted wife a few Christmases ago.

Anniversary Cross in 14K yellow gold with Emerald, Diamonds and Aquamarine: One of our very special and repeat customers asked us to design something exquisite for an important anniversary. The result is this beautiful cross. The design reflects many wonderful years together. The Emerald is the Wife’s birthstone, the diamonds signify the children (one for each child) and the Aquamarine, hidden from view (in the back, so it’s close to her heart) is our customer’s birthstone. The Customer (like most of our Customers) participated in the “journey” that created this piece. The concept, and ideas were first sketched. The gemstones were then selected (the Emerald fist!). A wax model was then carved, and the gemstones set in the wax - for a final approval of the design. The wax was then converted to gold, using the “Lost Wax Process” and the gemstones set in the piece. The piece was presented at an Anniversary Dinner with the children present, to a surprised and quite tearful spouse!

Imperial Topaz in Platinum with “Floating Bezels” ©: This Customer saw an Imperial Topaz ring on our Website and fell immediately in love. She was hesitant at first because she was uncertain about designing something “long distance” via a website and phone calls (see Testimonial: M. E. San Francisco - California). Much to her delight she found she was participating in the “journey” just like any of our customers who walk into our Studio. We sent her several Imperial Topaz gemstones to choose from. She picked one and the journey of several months began. With back and forth emails and phone calls the design seen here evolved. The shank of the ring is a classic “Twin Loop” design. We fabricated thin Platinum bezels to embrace the twin pear-shaped diamonds in our Copyrighted “Floating Bezel” © design. The twin diamonds, now encased in Platinum, were then Laser-Welded to the inside of the “Loops.” The Imperial Topaz was set, and the ring given its final finish. Our Customer’s Testimonial says it all…

14K Yellow Gold, Ruby & Pearl Bracelet: This complex piece was patterned for another repeat Customer after an old design. Modifications were made to accommodate the Customer’s desires. The centerpiece of the design is a Half Carat African Ruby nestled in the center of a flower, with a honeybee poised over it. Small “accent” rubies and diamonds adorn leaves that “form” the body of the bracelet. Four beautiful pinkish pearls accent the center of smaller flanking flowers.

Two-Tone Pendant with Half Carat Marquise Diamond: What can you make me with this? The Customer was holding a Half Carat marquise diamond that she had “won’ in a Treasure Hunt. She also had a small round diamond pendant that she wanted us to incorporate into the design. The design requirement was; “something that I can wear all the time, will be strong, but still looks nice.” The result is this 14K Two Tone Pendant with flowing lines that seem to wrap around the centerpiece diamond. When the customer first saw the finished piece she absolutely could not believe that those were her diamonds. She could not imagine how some thing of hers had “turned into” something so exquisite. The pendant has never been off her neck since…

Memorial Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold: This customer discovered our website and asked if we could design a piece that could contain a portion of her Father’s Ashes as a memorial. The resultant piece is a 14K yellow gold Heart pendant with a colored “cloisonné” pattern. Mounted between the heart and the bail is a bezel set Amethyst (her Father’s birthstone). Our customer sent us a small portion of the ashes by insured carrier. These were carefully and respectfully enclosed within the heart. The heart was then Laser Welded closed with a seam all the way around it to completely enclose permanently the precious ashes. The accent bezel-set Amethyst and bail were then added to complete the piece, which was then sent to the customer along with the unused ashes via insured carrier. The customer is very delighted with the piece (see Testimonial)

14K Yellow gold boulder opal ring14K Yellow Gold Boulder Opal Ring: This is what we call a Semi-Custom Design. The free form ring was chosen from our large collection of existing designs. The Boulder Opal was selected by the customer for color and fire. The two flanking stones are Tanzanite, and the three intense green accent stones are Tsavorite Garnets.

14K yellow gold butterfly pendant14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Pendant: This is a One-of-a-Kind piece, and by customer request will not be duplicated. The pendant has four Yellow Sapphires of two different sizes and is accented with 8 diamonds, in the body and wing tips for fire. The "antenna" are actually the bail of the pendant (from which it hangs) and are accented with tiny 18K gold balls attached by the ancient process of granulation.

yellow gold quartz and crysoprase18K Yellow Gold Quartz and Chrysoprase Pendant: This is, by default, a One-of-a-Kind piece, as we doubt we’ll ever be able to find the stone again!! The stone is a Quartz cine of oval cross section. The dark lines in the quartz are Tourmaline crystal growths. Sandwiched between the Chrysoprase (green stone) and the quartz is a thin slice of Black Onyx. The pendant is accented with a beautiful cabochon Garnet. Because the "stone" is in the form of a taper, a "heraldic" design was indicated. The detail shows the "crown" to which the bail is attached.

gold and diamond heart pendant22K Yellow Gold Stylized Heart and Diamond Pendant: The design called for manufacture in 22K gold to match an existing chain belonging to the client’s spouse. Since it was an anniversary gift, a heart was chosen on consultation with the client as the "theme" with a very clear "blue-white" diamond in a platinum head to "set off" the design.

platinum and imperial ringPlatinum and Imperial Topaz Ring: This is elegant and simple to not conflict with the beautifully clear Imperial Topaz. The stone has an unusual cut to really show off the fire within (see detail).

gold and zoned blue sapphire ring14K Yellow Gold and "Zoned Blue Sapphire" Ring: This too, is by default, a One-of-a-Kind piece, as we doubt we’ll ever be able to find the stone again!! The Blue sapphire has bands of blue-to-transparent-to-blue. The two flanking stones are bezel set "Party Sapphires." (Party Sapphires have variegated multicolor light flashes within the stone). The design of the ring was inspired by the Original "Star Wars" movies. The stone is suspended above the shank of the ring on four vertical posts, and appears to "float" above the ring. The zones look like clouds, interspersed with blue sky – hence the name "Cloud City." This is the only ring we’ve named so far. Thank you George Lucas for your inspiration!

gold marquise pendant18K Yellow Gold and Marquise Diamond Pendant:
The beautiful diamond had originally been in the customer's ring, but now she wanted it mounted in a free style pendant that would show off its natural beauty. Because of its clarity and value, a platinum head was chosen to mount the diamond. The pendant was picked from a catalog of "free form designs" and was fabricated in 18K yellow gold. One "line" of the design is polished to a satin finish; the rest to a very high-gloss to add contrast and substance to the whole pendant.


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