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Custom Jewelry Design and Fabrication: This is obviously our first love, which is why we call ourselves Agha Designs Custom Jewelry Studio. However, we do perform a magnitude of other tasks, and are very good at performing them as the other links below will show.

Custom Jewelry can be made from the simplest methods, to the most complicated with an associated "sliding-scale" on price.

The simplest custom piece, or what we would call "semi-custom" is where you select a gemstone - assuming you want a gemstone as part of your design - (from our huge collection), pick a "setting" from a catalog, or something you like at our website, and we build the piece for you. This selection is the most reasonably priced option.

The next level up is where you do the same thing as above, but ask us to modify the selected setting by adding more "heads" or converting a pin to a brooch or vise versa. This selection obviously adds some more cost to your piece, and further up the "semi-custom" scale.

The truly custom piece, is where you come in with an idea in your head, and nothing in our vast supply of settings or findings catalogs fulfills your "vision." This is where we design a piece "from scratch" for you. The creation of design is a journey we take together. The customer starts the process with an idea ("I like this color", "I want this shape," "I've always wanted a Tanzanite ring") - the start-up thoughts are endless. At this point we get involved and provide our expertise. We guide the customer through both the aesthetic and technical bits so that they end up with a piece that's not only wearable, but also obeys the laws of physics, and will be around for future generations of the customer's family.

The actual creation of the agreed design can then take many forms. The piece could be fabricated, cast, or any combination of the two.

Reinventing Old Jewelry into New: This selection by the customer involves many of the elements of both semi-custom , or custom jewelry. Here the customer brings us several pieces of jewelry, usually heirlooms, that they really like but don't want to wear as they exist. This could be because they're either out of fashion, or they're too large, or the list goes on. We can take elements of these pieces and combine them to make a finished piece that fits the customer's lifestyle. In the most extreme case we might totally disassemble the piece and using the gemstones and the gold from the piece - create a completely new piece.

LASER Welding: This very Hi-Tech device enables us to wok on some of the most delicate jewelry made. We use it extensively for repairs of very precious antiques to creating new and heretofore impossible to crate designs in our custom jewelry. Want to know more about LASER Welding? Click here.Have more questions? Contact us.

Gemstones: Yes we sell gemstones. We have collected gemstones for over 20 years, and have over 7,000 (one of these days we'll actually count them!) in our collection. Besides the standard "big-four" Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds we have the semi-precious and unusual names like Heliodor, Sunstone & Padparadcha.

"Collector" Gemstones: If you are a collector, and have a special need for a particular stone of collector quality, please write or call us. We have a large network of suppliers that we can access, if we don't have the gemstone in our inventory.

Memorial Jewelry: Sometimes customers, having lost a loved one, ask if we can build them a piece to help them remember and cope during a difficult period. The piece we build can range from simple lockets with pictures or a lock of hair to a more complex piece that actually holds a small portion of their loved one's ashes. Let us know your needs, we would be happy to work with you.

Sports Jewelry: Is your spouse or child a sports nut? Do they have a "Team Number?" We can make a custom piece with their team number, cast specially for them. Contact us with your requirements, and let us "Create One for You!"

We also carry a large selection of NFL jewelry;contact us for prices for your favorite Team.

Casting: We can cast in Gold & Silver in our studio, and have access to excellent casters for platinum. For more information on casting see "What is Casting", in our FAQ section.

Repairs: We have a lot of experience in repairing fine jewelry. For the article "Complex Jewelry Repairs, and why we can do them" click here.

Appraisals: We do appraisals both for individuals for insurance purposes, and for Insurance Companies as well. For more information on Appraisals click here to go to the FAQ page.

Cleaning Products: For information on care products that you can purchase for your fine jewelry, click here.

Need a gift, and don't know what? Contact us for gift certificates!


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