Repair Services

We refer to jewelry as the "ultimate" recyclable, and with good reason. All of the elements of a piece of jewelry; the precious metal, the gemstones, the organics, are all reusable, and therefore recyclable.

Sometimes, however, our customers want us to perform a "slight modification." This could be something as simple as resizing a ring, up or down, or replacing a clasp in an earring.

Our considerable experience in designing, creating and fabricating jewelry, also makes us ideally suited to perform very complex, and sometimes "thought to be impossible" repairs.

One of our customers brought us a ring that was badly damaged by contact with rough concrete, and mangled after being stepped on. Miraculously, the center ruby survived, but the prongs holding the ruby and the gold surrounding other stones, and some of the accent stones did not. Because our customer had an emotional attachment to the ring, she asked if we could rebuild it for her Click here, to see the results.

A partial list of the types of magic we can perform is listed below. To see if we can repair something for you, send us a picture of the piece if you can (either in the mail, or electronically - via email), and a phone number where we can reach you.

Another option is to ship us the piece, properly insured and with a short description of what you want us to do. We can then give you an estimate of what it would cost to fix your particular heirloom.

We will, of course, not perform any repairs until you have given us approval to proceed.

Following is a short list of the types of things we can do. This is by no means a complete list.

  • Ring sizing (up or down)
  • Ring re-shank (half or three quarters)
  • Replace or repair prongs
  • New posts on earrings
  • Convert Clip earrings to Posts or vise versa
  • Replace gemstones
  • Tighten gemstones
  • Repair broken chains
  • Repair Tennis Bracelets
  • Engraving or Re-engraving
  • "Filling-in" Engraving
  • Refinishing
  • Restringing
  • Set or tighten pearls
  • Replace lost pieces
  • and so on…!


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