To find out about the quality and care given to each piece of Agha Designs jewelry, you need not check any farther than with these happy customers!

Creative Testimony Of Great Beauty

Almost seven months ago I became aware of Agha Designs. I was working on my mother-in-laws estate. Lynne and Eddie did some appraisal work of several items within her collection of fine jewelry. Their professionalism was outstanding. Then I discovered a real jewel – the craftsmanship of these two individuals.
I wanted to create something that would express my love for my wife on our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. I began to work with Lynne and Eddie and before long a masterpiece, I believe, was created within their custom jewelry studio.
We started with brainstorming a design. It had to say “I love you” and also reflect thirty-five years of our family life, to include our six children. Lynne drew up sever designs and working together we created a cross which demonstrated our love for our Lord, our children and each other. The cross was created out of gold, with her birthstone, an emerald, in the center and six diamonds representing our children (one on each point for our boys and three down the center for our girls.)
Next, Lynne carved the design out of hard material to see if the design would work. Each step she gave me advice to improve on the design and yet not to destroy the symbolism which we wanted to create. After several weeks of carving and designing we were ready for Eddie to use his creative talents to make it come alive.
Lynne through in one more idea that I believe was the crown of glory for the project. She designed a heart on the back of the cross at the top center and place. my birthstone in side of it, symbolizing my love and spiritual presents next to my wife’s heart. True love was truly created with a gift for a lifetime.
My wife loved her special gift and cried when she received this cross of love. Thank you Lynne and Eddie Agha! Thank you for your special creative talent and the gift which you created for my wife, it is truly a gift of “Great Beauty”.

Dr. LM Junior – Alton IL

Eddie & Lynne, thanks for being part of our special day. The jewelry is so beautiful – I get comments on my ring all the time. You both are brilliant artists.

B & R S. St. Charles MO

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Agha, this card is sent with much love and thanks for my ring – it is so pretty – I like it very much. Hope to get in soon for you both to see it again – thank you!

CG & Family Piasa IL. (Diamond & yellow gold ring)

Lynne & Eddie, your fast service enabled me to get back to the Horn much quicker. You two are super people & I can see why Allen adores you.

KI Worden IL (24K yellow gold plate on mouthpiece of French Horn).

I would like to thank Lynne and Eddie Agha for the miracle they performed repairing my wedding set.

I love my wedding ring set. When then husband to be purchased my
Engagement and Wedding rings in 1977 1 thought it was the most beautiful set of rings. The rings were 14 K yellow gold and 14 K rose gold. The setting was designed with raised roses on the band of the wedding ring and engagement rings.

In April of 2006 while at work I noticed something different about my engagement ring. At first I thought I had something on the ring like food or dried soap. On further Investigation I found that one of the roses on the engagement ring was missing. I was devastated as my set is very special to me. My dear husband of 29 years put so much thought into purchasing tile ring and the diamonds in tile roses and the engagement ring were from my mother's wedding set.

Everyone was helping to look for this impossible to find tiny rose. My students in the library at the high school were I work looked everywhere for days hoping to find the missing rose. The custodians at the school were looking, even everyone at my church looked hoping to find the setting. We looked everywhere at home in the car, and even in the vacuum cleaner bag.

I showed my ring to a few jewelers only to be told they had no idea how to fix the ring. I was told I would be better off trying to find a new setting for my diamonds

I thought I was I lost until my brother told me a about Agha Designs. When
I took my ring to their Studio I met Eddie Agha. He told me they - would do every thing they could to repair my ring. Eddie said, " My wife Is amazing she can do the impossible” (when it comes to carving).

Finally I had some hope. When they called me several weeks later to tell me my ring was repaired, I could not believe it. When I picked up the ring I had so many tears of joy. I could not tell which rose was the one they had fixed. Lynne told me she had reconstructed the tiny rose under a microscope using rose gold. They set the diamond in the center. Eddie securely attached the other roses so I would not have to go through the agony of losing another setting.

I am a very sentimental person and the thought of not having my original wedding set extremely bothered me. I cannot express in words how happy Lynne & Eddie made me by repairing my special ring. Not only are they gifted jewelers, they are both very kind hearted individuals. I cannot thank them enough.

SB Glen Carbon IL

Eddie, the charm is beautiful. Thank you so much for doing this for me…Matt absolutely loves it! I’ll be in touch for future work. Thanks again!

JS Sycamore IL (Flying sneaker charm)

I received the locket, just now and it is beautiful! I truly love it! It is perfect and now next month on my wedding day my father will be able to walk me down (the aisle). I can not thank you enough, you have given me a priceless gift. I wish you the best and will recommend you always! Perhaps, we will do business again.

Take care and thank you.

J. C. Lewiston Maine USA

Lynne & Eddie

The black pearl necklace you designed for me is beautiful. Thanks so much for helping Tom wih his choice.

Once again you came through with a unique design that is both beautiful but also practical. As I like to wear my jewelry often this design allows me to wear it daily as well as dress it up for those special occasions.

Tom was so excited when he gave it to me! And so was I!!!

Thanks again.

S. S. St. Louis MO USA
(Tahitian pearl, white and pink diamond "Convertable" necklace. Click on image for a larger view)

Yogo Sapphires in Platinum and White Gold mountings: I just wanted to comment on the excellent quality of the earrings and pendant you made for me. The choice of stone and superior workmanship of the jewelry set make it something that I will treasure for a lifetime and most definitely pass on to my children. I can tell you really take pride in your work and am glad to display it by owning such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Best Wishes to You Both!

KH St. Louis Missouri, USA

I adore my gold bracelet!! It is a perfect recreation of a beloved piece lost several years ago, one that I had for 27 years. I was totally shocked to open the box and see an exact replica, designed with meticulous care from my husbands' description and a photograph. Mr. Agha, you are a true artisan! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

D. D. St. Charles Missouri, USA

I got the ring a few days ago. It looks great! My girlfriend loves it. Thanks a lot. You do really nice work. I'll definitely recommend you if I have any friends that need any work done.

B. W. M. Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

The box just arrived and I must say you do lovely work! It is just a perfectly beautiful work of art and the stones are magnificent. The wait was well worth the extra touches.

I had always wanted a beautiful ring that would celebrate my birthstone and to have it set in platinum. I didn't realize when I first began looking that this would only be possible by having it custom-designed. So when I stumbled across your website, I was thrilled to find a gorgeous imperial topaz set in platinum that you featured as part of what you had created for one of your customers. I hadn't had a custom piece before, and was anxious as to how that might turn out. I found that I not only had to be a partner in the process, but that improved the end result. I found both (of you) - Eddie and Lynne (took) an extreme interest in seeing me have a lot of satisfaction in the end, and while the process took awhile longer than I anticipated, it was well worth it in the end to see such lovely craftsmanship and a true ring of beauty.

M. E.
San Francisco, California, USA

Mother’s Day was approaching and I knew I wanted to have my son give my wife a birthstone ring. It needed to be topaz and I wanted the band and setting made of platinum. I searched several jewelers and then decided to check the Internet. My search engine brought me to Agha Designs, where I discovered a photo of the exact ring I had in mind. I contacted Agha Designs (Eddie Agha) via e-mail requesting information about the ring. I quickly received a reply telling me he would be happy to design a new ring similar to the one on the website. I wondered how hard it would be to do this via the Internet. Much to my surprise, it was simple. After receiving a quote, I decided to buy the ring. Next thing I knew, I had topaz stones priority mailed to me (and insured) and had to pick which one I liked most. I sent the selection back to Agha. A couple of very discreet phone calls later (the ring was a surprise) Agha Designs sent me an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day gift, in plenty of time too. My son gave my wife the ring at 5 a.m. on Mother’s Day. She hasn’t taken it off since.

M. M.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

This was for a pendant given to a favorite teacher by her third grade class
(the words are from one of the parents):

Thanks so much! It is perfect, just what we were hoping for. Mrs. A. will
love this gift. Thanks for your promptness! ...thanks for the email
yesterday to let me know it was coming. The mailman just left, and I had a
look at the pendant. It is great!! (Later...) Mrs. A. LOVED the pendant!!
She was brought to tears, and her main problem now is what to do with the
heart pendant her husband bought her...

E. D. (on behalf of Mrs. A's class)
Winter Springs, Florida, USA

I just wanted to tell you "thank you" for the beautiful job you did on my
ring. I have gotten lots of compliments and I am so pleased with it! The
work is masterful!

EW - Franklin Park, IL, USA

"My wife was delighted about the special bracelet you created from the
charms. It is now slated to become a treasured heirloom for future
generations. Thank you."

JWC - St. Louis Missouri USA

Thank you so much for being so thorough! Awesome customer service! I
really appreciate it. I searched the web and found many (Ionic Cleaners) and
were priced from $5 to $20+ more than the cost at Agha Designs International.
Additionally, Agha Designs International was only one of a couple that could
get me the product on time with short notice.

PK from California USA

"I am an extremely satisfied customer. The opal and small ruby was replaced in my ring. The opal is very attractive and is an "eye catcher"! R.S.

"Lynne and Eddie assisted me through the creative process of designing my own ring-from choosing gemstones to the setting. The design process was fun and exciting!" K.L.

"I was looking for something special to give my wife for her birthday. After my first discussion with Agha Designs International, I knew I was in good hands. With patience and profressionalism, they worked with me from intial design concepts, production updates, to ensuring total satisfaction with the finished piece. Needless to say, my wife loves "The Christi" and has yet to take it off. Thanks, Eddie and Lynne, Best of Luck." D.A.C, St. Louis, MO, USA

"I purchased a peridot ring from Agha Designs International for my wife for Valentine's Day. It was a special Valentines, because we were to spend it in Paris, and I wanted her to have something that would always remind her of our time in Paris.
I was presented with various shapes and sizes to choose from, to fit my budget. The end result was an absolute gorgeous (platinum) ring. In addition, it is a great value compared to other retail jewelry stores that I had been to. There is not a single day goes by that my wife does not wear it. It would highly recommend Agha Designs International to anyone interested in finding that special gift for any occasion. M.R.

"Great book. Excellent communication. Thank. A+++++M.K.

 "Fast shipment, good communications. Highly recommended. P.H. Bandung, Indonesia

"My wife was delighted about the special bracelet you created from the charms. It is now slated to become a treasured heirloom for future generations. Thank you." J.W.C

I want to thank Agha Designs International for their fine work and careful craftsmanship in setting a family heirloom to be worn as a pendant. It's unusual shape and delicate nature required meticulous care, handling, and design, all of which Agha Designs provided. Not only did they treat my jewely as if it were one of a kind, they treated me, the customer, as If I were one of a kind! Thank you A.D.I.   E.D., St. Charles, MO

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